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Unreal 2 Shots...nep maar toch echt ...

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De plaatjes die in CGW stonden zijn echt ... [quote:e2102d80d1]Steve Gibson (link : ) The recent Unreal2 screenshots that came out a couple of days ago got quite a bit of criticism for looking photoshopped or "too good" if you can imagine that. Matt from Legend Entertainment made a quick post clarifying that the screenshots were staged, but they are 100% authentic within the engine shots. And here we go with the "it's fake" posts again. This shots was done 100% in the engine. The models are real. The geometry is real. The lighting is real. The particle effects (that includes the rocket streak and explosion with the lenseflare) are real. If you want to find something fake it's that we posed the shot (it was for a CGW double page, after all) - the overall composition was sketched out before and models were placed in the editor. But then we went into the game [b:e2102d80d1](on a P3/1Ghz with GeForce2)[/b:e2102d80d1], let the bots fight and pressed the screenshots key. THAT WAS IT :smile: I know that some people won't believe it, and well, there's nothing we can do about it but tell them to wait for the game. And to be honest I've seen too many fake screenshots in my lifetime to not understand that people are suspicious. But this shot is real :smile: And no, we usually don't pose stuff, too much work, pretty much all other shots are simply taken by playing the game and hammering the screenshot key. [/quote:e2102d80d1] De systeem-eisen lijken dus mee te vallen :smile: Maar ... [quote:e2102d80d1] I wanted to issue a correction about the Unreal2 "Loading..." page in CGW. On Friday it came to my attention that there was a thread on Shacknews where people were questioning the legitimacy of the image used in the CGW "Loading" page. Matthias Worch made a statement saying that it was 100% real. Unbeknownst to Matthias, it had been modified by hand-drawing shadows into the screenshot after it had been taken. Player shadows weren't working at the time so I gave the go-ahead to add them and release the modified image to CGW for their "Loading" page. This is something I am 100% responsible for and in retrospect I should not have done it - I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to our fans and gamers in general for doing this. This is not something you would expect from Epic Games and I want people to know that I was responsible for it. I have included the original screen shot on which the image was based (before shadows were added) as well as some screen shots taken this weekend using the current version of the game in which shadows are working. Mark Rein, Epic Games Inc. [/quote:e2102d80d1] Dit zou dus een echt ongemanipuleerd screenshot van U2 moeten zijn : [img:e2102d80d1][/img:e2102d80d1] (voor het grote plaatje moet je deze link hebben : ) _________________ - [url=]JaFO's Bot-editor[/url] versie 2.0 - [ Dit Bericht is bewerkt door: JaFO op 2002-01-24 13:27 ]
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