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ZANKER SF 4400 Foutcode 5 pieptonen, daarna 8 pieptonen

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Dear community,

My apologies for writing this question in English. My Dutch is still not good enough to ask this question properly.

I have a ZANKER SF-4400 washing machine that have been working well for the past 4 years. A couple of months ago it stopped working, and started making beep sounds once turned on. By following the nice reset instructions given by @HarryO in the "Zanker CF4200 in storing" post, it started working again!

Unfortunately, today the machine stopped working again. When I turned it on, it makes a series of beeps: first five beeps, then eight. I followed Harry's instructions for getting the error code (turn on the machine, then press Start and Extra keys together). As shown in the picture, after doing this, the first three status leds turned on, and the START/PAUSE light started blinking.

The reset procedure didn't work this time. Is there anything left that I could do to fix this problem?


Thanks for your help in this matter!





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Thanks again @Lampje. I double checked and there is no typeplate. Probably it was removed. Thanks for the manual, I tried some of the sequences, and now the machine just makes 5 beeps when turned on :(.


It seems to be the motor circuit board... So I guess it's time to buy a new machine :). The repairing service is more expensive than the machine itself. Thanks again!

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Thanks @Lampje, I was going to disassemble the machine to take a look inside after two days of not turning it on... I turned it on before proceeding, and guess what... it worked again! :) What do you think could be the cause of these random malfunctions and 'mysterious' self fixes?

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Unfortunately, I have not yet come across self-repairing technology.

Malfunctions that temporarily disappear are guaranteed to come back at a time that does not suit you.

And as an experienced breakdown technician, I know better than anyone that it can be very difficult to find a malfunction that is not there continuously.

Maybe it is a bad solder joint or a bad relay

Met vriendelijke groet,  


Lampje   Lampje-kl.jpg.24efe35bebc578de8497820696a9554d.jpg

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