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Speel computerspellen om kinderen slimmer te helpen?



Experts answer this "yes" question. In the GAMESBX website, children are playing games, as well as math games that will help their lessons besides the games. These games contribute to the intelligent development of children. According to a new study of experts, students who played 5 minutes before the derby were more successful. 580 students participated in the survey conducted in the United States and many developed countries. Children play a game called "Trigger," a mental exercise developed for research. It has been seen that the students played this game for 5 minutes before the lesson had much higher success on the exams. Focusing and strengthening memory skills, the long-term effect of the game is also very positive. Children who play 20 minutes playing 3 times a week for 4 months are found to be more successful in reading and math tests. However, experts warn parents about computer games. Some math-based computer games make a significant contribution to positively influence mathematical attitudes. Like the antibiotics used to increase with vitamins, catalysts, one of the catalysts of permanent learning are games. By the time we combine math concepts and games, permanent learning may have taken place. Unsurprisingly, a child who has passed middle school but still lives in the multiplication table knows enough details to surprise any computer or web application. This will bring up the question "Is it a problem in the student or in the system?" Although this question is not a unique and specific answer, it is important to be able to incorporate the positive aspects of both. In the United States, scientific studies and serious questions on this topic have been done, and some schools have incorporated some math-based computer games into their teaching systems. They even organize regional or national contests on these math-based games. The game "24 games", held since 1980, has become one of the best known math-based games. Later, this version of the game was made in computer versions and larger volumes were achieved. These positive examples give us clues about a new educational model learned by learning and learning, and contribute to the permanent learning of math games. In such a system or model, one of the most important factors that help provide long-term and adequate learning in large groups of students is the enrichment of the course. Math-based computer games are one of the most powerful of these enrichment ways. Spending too much time on computers is said to have a negative impact on the physical and mental health of children. Your children in the GAMESBX website can spend time without getting bored. They can also play intelligence games on this site.
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