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Firewall-Battle: Norton IS vs Outpost Pro



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Dus Nod32 en Outpost Pro als combo i.p.v. Norton Internet Security? :roll: Kijk dit eens: "This is for those who are confused like I was about WHICH Anti-Virus provides best protection. The purpose of an anti-virus is to protect a computer from VIRUS attacks no matter whether they originate from - a cd, a floppy, email, an internet download or just by visiting an infected site while browsing. An anti-virus is NOT a WORM or TROJAN protector although most anti-virus products have this feature built in. For protection from WORMS and TROJANS specialised programs offer better protection while a FIREWALL is specifically for protection from attacks over the internet. I chose NOD32 simply because it has the BEST RECORD in scientifically carried out tests, of intercepting and eliminating viruses - period. No other product which has been laboratory tested with REAL VIRUSES COMES EVEN CLOSE TO NOD32'S DETECTION RATE OF 100% NOD32 has won I think 22 awards. Check out your own anti-virus and others compared to NOD32 here: Here is NOD32's results over about 3 years - note that the tests show it has proved 100% in all LAB tests for the past few years. That's what the experts and professionals have PROVEN in scientific lab tests. Other advantages with NOD32 is that it is not BLOATWARE and will use very little system resources compared to other products which are not near as good. Then there are stability & compatibility issues. With some anti-viruses I could not play some games even though I turned off their resident memory. In another anti-virus my graphics would not resolve on web pages properly. Many pictures would be replaced with a blank box and a red cross. Uninstallation of the product immediately reversed the situation. Again installation of the product caused the problem again. Using NOD32 did not interfere with either my browsing or gaming. Is NOD32 perfect? No, of course not but it's the closest thing you can get today to a perfect anti-virus. This is where CUSTOMER SUPPORT becomes a crucial issue. With many anti-virus products when there is a problem tech support either costs a small fortune or getting a response is difficult. One offers free phone support but not toll free so you pay just the same. Their forum is useless so if you can't afford the call your stuck. NOD32 Customer Support will answer your query and get back to you. There are no charges. They have phone support too but not always toll free depending where you live BUT they have one great advantage - THIS FORUM!! I've been to other anti-virus forums and some have practically nothing there and with others you have to go through a questionnaire type help file and if your problem is not listed then you have to wait in line for support or pay. With NOD32 Customer Support THIS FORUM has REAL LIVE PEOPLE who answer your queries and help with problems almost instantly (depending on who's online and what time zone you live in) and you can almost always find someone online answering your dilemma within a few hours or even minutes within posting your problem. NOW THAT'S SERVICE!! The proven best anti-virus coupled with the best support available should make NOD32 an easy choice. My tests include NOD32, Norton Anti-Virus 2003, PC-Cillin 2003, Panda Titanium, Invircible, McAFee Home Edition 7.0, AVG Free Edition, Avast. NOTES:With Avast the email scanner kept freezing so I had to discontinue use -with AVG I got infected so uninstalled it. Invircible gave me so many false positives I had to discontinue use. McAfee Firewall wouldn't allow access to the internet and McAfee couldn't solve the issue. Norton wouldn't let me play some games unless I uninstalled the program and took up too many resources. Panda did not detect email infections and let through 2 viruses. PC-Cillin interferred with browser graphics. PLEASE NOTE : ALL the COMMERCIAL products here were PURCHASED AND PAID FOR not trial versions. I spent a lot of time with each. I ended up getting a refund for McAfee and Panda Titanium. License expired with Invircible and license with Norton is still current but over the 3 month refund cap. With PC-Cillin I bought the boxed version so I'll just keep it. It score 2nd and does the job except for causing some graphics problems but I would recommend PC-Cillin. It intercepted ALL worms in my email and deleted them before reaching the inbox. Top product and not bloatware either. Support usually gets back within 24 hours. So I have invested a lot of money and time in thoroughly trying these products. I became a PROUD USER of each so I favoured all of them once but performance & support issues FORCED me to uninstall and buy another one. Of all the products NOD32 is the FIRST where I have been able to have my queries and questions answered in an open forum within minutes of posting many times. I also use TDS-3 for Trojan detection and Wormguard for Worm interception. As well Port Explorer is excellent to let you know if something ugly is trying to hide itself from your eyes. I love Black Ice because it's not just a firewall but has INTRUSION DETECTION which simply is a better brain to stop hackers. Also love it's Application Protection which prevents any program from installing withou t your consent or accessing the internet. Pest Patrol really speeds up my surfing and kills any adware 'on the fly'. Don't usually have to scan anymore for Adware/Spyware because it gets deleted on the fly. I hope this in some small way assists those who are finding the anti-virus scene very confusing. One other word - don't go by reviews on shareware sites entirely. CHECK WITH PROFESSIONALS and EXPERTS. Most sites don't say much about NOD32 and advise everyone to use Norton BUT NOD32 has beaten Norton hands down in professional lab tests - go see for yourself. " Aldus een lid op een Nod32-forum. Bedankt Brigitte, je hebt me weer wat nieuws laten zien.
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